Getting started: iOS app

This guide shows you how to send web articles to your Kindle from your iPhone or iPad using Push to Kindle. The method described here uses the Amazon Kindle app to deliver the Kindle-ready articles produced by Push to Kindle.

We also have a guide for sending articles using your Kindle email address (coming soon).

1. Install Push to Kindle from the App Store

➡️ Get Push to Kindle for iOS

2. Install the Amazon Kindle app from the App Store

➡️ Get Amazon Kindle for iOS

3. Open an article and tap Share

You can share articles you find browsing in Safari or through news apps like the New York Times or Washington Post.

To test, you can try this article: Meditation In An Age Of Cataclysms.

4. Choose Push to Kindle from the listed apps

Tap the Push to Kindle icon.

If you don't see it, swipe left on the row of apps and tap 'More...'. From there you can mark Push to Kindle as a favourite, so it shows up in the row of apps.

5. Preview content and continue

You'll now see a screen with a Preview tab which lets you see how well Push to Kindle was able to extract the article content.

The default send mode (if you haven't changed it) is Share EPUB.

Tap Next to continue.

6. Send

At this stage Push to Kindle will extract and prepare an e-book version of your article.

Once it's ready, you will see a Send button.

Tap that and choose Kindle. (You can also choose Apple's Books app if you prefer.)

7. Send to Kindle

Now you will see Amazon Kindle's Send to Kindle screen.

You can ignore the editable fields and simply tap Send to complete sending to your Kindle.

8. Enjoy reading on your Kindle

That's it. Open the Kindle app or your Kindle e-reading device and it should appear in your library.

If it doesn't, make sure your device is connected to Wi-Fi and then tap 'Sync' from the menu. It may take a few minutes for the article to arrive.

Faster sending?

It's possible to use Push to Kindle to send to your Kindle email address. That will save you a few taps in the steps above. We'll have a guide explaining how to do that soon.

If you already use our our browser extensions, you've likely already set up e-mail sending. If so, you can open the Push to Kindle app from your home screen and change the settings from 'Share EPUB' to 'Kindle email'. You'll then be able to enter your Kindle email address.

Paywalled content

If you primarily access paywalled articles, you might find that the content can be extracted with our browser extensions but not the iOS app. The iOS platform doesn’t allow us to extract content in the same way, but we are thinking about workarounds that we might be able to implement.

At the moment, you can get extractions results similar to our browser extensions by using the bookmarklet. Setting that up on iOS requires a bit of work but you can always use it alongside the app.

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